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Pricing and payment methods for cosmetic injectables

Sydney Cosmetic Centre offers non-surgical and non-invasive solutions. Pricing is dependent upon the procedure suitable for the individual and the desired look they would like to achieve. We will work within your budget. Call for a free consultation.

Dermal fillers can be used to plump the cheeks, as well as to achieve lip definition and volume. Muscle relaxants are used for anti-wrinkle treatments as well as the brow and lips; they can be effectively used alone or with fillers to rejuvenate your look.

Product Pricing

Dermal Fillers & Muscle Relaxants

  • Dermal Filler - 4-6 months lasting product: $600 per ml
  • Dermal Filler - 12-18 months lasting product: $950 per ml
  • Muscle Relaxant - $16 per unit

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Prices are based on Muscle Relaxants - $16 per unit

  • Crow’s Feet - $320
  • Forehead - $150
  • Frown Lines - $320
  • Bruxism - $800
  • Face Slimming - $800

Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating Treatment

  • Underarm Treatment - $1,250

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

  • Brow Lift - $150

Payment Methods

You can pay for your treatment in-person at the Centre’s reception or over the phone.

The following credit/debit cards are accepted:

  • American Express;
  • MasterCard;
  • Visa; and
  • Visa Electron.

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