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Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum [Rollerball] - face-moisturise PS

QED Skin Care Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum [For the Eyes]

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Our signature product, the Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum is made up of a powerful blend of botanical & antioxidant-rich oils formulated to stimulate cellular turnover, boost elasticity, strengthen capillaries, diminish wrinkles & protect against environmental damage.

This unique formulation is designed to be used around the eye area. Releasing just enough serum, the rollerball will gently massage and contour the delicate area around the eyes resulting in a smoother crease-free look.


The soothing rollerball will also boost circulation and flush out the build-up of excess fluid that can cause puffy and swollen appearance.


This pure oil is water-like in texture, immediately absorbing and completely unscented so it can be used in the very reactive eye area, even for people with extremely sensitive eyes.



All skin types


‚Ģ Antioxidant + vitamin-rich oil (Rosehip Oil) fight free radicals to prevent the signs of aging and regenerate the skin

‚Ģ Camellia Oil inhibits signs of aging and its antioxidant action fights free radicals.

‚Ģ Evening Primrose Oil provides skin building blocks to regenerate skin and provide deep hydration‚Ģ The anti-inflammatory effect of Rosehip Oil promotes skin repair and regeneration

‚Ģ The mechanism of the rollerball will boost circulation around eye area to reduce puffiness

‚Ģ Reduces the appearance of wrinkles + fine lines

‚Ģ Leaves a dewy, reflective lustre for a youthful appearance

‚Ģ The oil formula will also improve performance of eye cream used before it by reducing evaporation

‚Ģ Ideal for extremely dry skin conditions (ie. Sjogren's)